In September 2015, after my company went through a technology upgrade, I was informed that my services would no longer be required even though I had been employed with the company for over 20 years. The company offered me what I knew to be a substandard severance package. Another ex-employee recommended Chris to me and when I contacted Chris, after hearing my circumstances, he confirmed that I was indeed entitled to much more than what I had been offered. He carefully explained to me what my options were.

As I was then still working for the company, he could only give me advice on how to proceed. This advice culminated in my writing a pointed letter to my employer which resulted in me getting a proper severance package without ever going to trial. This would never have occurred without Chris guiding me along the way. Since I live outside the lower mainland we only communicated via Skype or telephone so my costs were kept to a minimum. I would highly recommend Chris if you are need of an excellent labour lawyer.

Bobbie Ireland

In December 2014 my services were terminated by my then employer for no apparent reason. Being on a Worker’s Visa my family and I was totally devastated by actions of the Employer and at wits end as to what to do. The Employer offered a punitive Severance Package and I realised I was in need of expert advice. I did some searching on the Internet and contacted 3 Labour Lawyers of which one came back to me – Chris Forguson. I forwarded Chris some background notes to which he responded by calling me and set a Skype meeting which covered the extent of what to do and how to do it.

The case dragged on for some months during which time Chris kept in touch and informed me every time he had heard or had some correspondence from the other party. At the end of it a reasonable settlement was reached, September 2015, and we could start a new life.

The professionalism Chris portrayed was absolutely of the highest regard and not once did I feel I would be thrown to the wolves. Chris did not pull punches and his honesty in dealings and advice was at times not what I wanted to hear but still it was greatly appreciated – the man obviously knows his subject matter and knows what he is talking about. I have never had any dealings with any Lawyers yet I could relate to and understand Chris during the course of numerous conversations. Costs were kept to a minimum.

I would at any time recommend Chris to someone in need of an excellent Labour Lawyer.

Thank you Chris.

Frank Holloway
On June 29th 2012, after a 3 week jury trial, I was awarded $236,407 for wrongful dismissal and $572,814 for punitive damages (which was the largest punitive damages for a wrongful dismissal case in Canada.) for a total of $809,221. The defendant appealed this decision (as Chris had said they would) and on Chris's advice I settled for a lesser amount (that I was still happy with) instead of going through lengthy and costly appeals. Throughout the whole process I felt that Chris did everything that he could to keep my costs down while making sure that we had a good chance of winning the case. In short, I felt Chris represented me the same as he would have represented a member of his family. He did a great job, and I would highly recommend him for any employment law issues. Larry Higginson
When I first met Chris Forguson to discuss my case he said two things to me: "It's not a matter of whether you will win the case or not - but how much you will awarded" and "I've never lost a case like this." Comforting words indeed by clearly a confident and competent lawyer! Without doubt, Chris conducted my wrongful dismissal case from initial interview to successful conclusion with skill, patience and understanding. His knowledge of the law and practical approach had me prepared for the long haul that was in the end well worth the effort. While never an enjoyable experience I found Chris' approach and diligence to be calming. He had me prepared for both the Discovery and the Court appearances so that I felt confident throughout these challenges. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone in need of top notch legal services in Employment Law. Jim Matusiak

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